【Knowledge Bank】3 Ways Using Community Media for Fundraising

➹Point of Media & Social Impact ! ───If you want to fundraise for your NPO efficiently, you have to make good use of community media and cooperate with local organizations and activists.

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【Knowledge Bank】Red Nose Day, with US Style

➹Point of Media & Social Impact ! ───Red Nose Day is a Charity day started in the UK in 1988, and it was launched in the US in 2015 . The Red Nose Day, rooted in the US for three years, has gradually had their own way raising attentions and donations.

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【Knowledge Bank】Tweetathon: Finding Missing Children on Twitter in 24 Hours

➹Point of Media & Social Impact ! ───Except for the traditional media like newspaper or TV, social media is also a good, or even better platform for spreading information.

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